Thursday July 07, 2016


june favorites


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Here are a few of my makeup & beauty favorites for the month of June! I cannot get enough of this Becca Primer and even got two of my friends hooked on it too! As for House of Lashes, I am hooked on all of their products. I love their Temptress Lashes, and the lash glue is the best I have ever tried. It totally blows DUO lash glue out of the water, and it smells like roses! All the links are above for these products! Keep reading on if you want to hear about my little mini vacation I just took!

The past week has been absolutely amazing! I spent a few days in Bedford, PA visiting my boyfriend, yes boyfriend! If you don’t follow me on Snapchat I might have hinted at it a bit. Bedford is the cutest little town, pretty much a duplicate for Stars Hollow (for all my GG lovers out there). Then I headed back to PGH to see the Weezer concert, then immediately after that Matthew and I went to Nemocolin Woodlands Resort for the Fourth of July! If you live in PA, they have the most beautiful fireworks display. This is why I love summer, I love taking little mini trips to places, enjoying the sunshine and going to concerts! I hope you all had an amazing holiday weekend! I have a bunch of other trips I am taking this month so be sure to follow me on {SnapChat: FLEUROFTHECITY}. Xo

au revoir,

Jessica Ray