About Me


Hey there! I’m Jessica. Welcome to Fleur of the City where I share with you fashion tips, beauty tricks and my passion for Pittsburgh. I’d say my personal style has a Parisian flare with a touch of Rocker Chic. Thanks for reading! Check out more about me in my Q&A below!!


Where did you go to college & what was your major?
I went to Chatham University and studied Arts Management with an emphasis in Media Arts.

When did your interest in fashion begin?

At a very young age! I started wearing tutus and costumes since I could walk probably. I’d even wear them to the grocery store; I never wanted to take them off. Then from there, I started sketching my own designs for women. My mom and I called it, “Le Jess Dress”. I’ll never forget when she bought me that sketchbook and colored pencils. Then from there I created DOZENS of outfits. I don’t know why I did, but I loved it. Then my Grandma taught me how to sew.


Why did you decide to start a fashion blog?

Years ago I started following a girl named Jessica Quirk from What I Wore. That’s when I discovered blogging. I was working for MAC Cosmetics at the time and started reading about blogging while working for them. I didn’t pursue it then, but when I got to Chatham and was in Media Arts, I realized that was the career of my dreams: to share my love of fashion and makeup with people. I always love inspiring people to look their best.


Where do I find inspiration for my style?

I find inspiration in the Parisian culture. I have French ethnicity in me, and when I went to visit my cousins over in France I just instantly felt like I had found my style. They dress so well there! It’s classy, effortless, practical and put-together. Timeless.


How do I pick out an outfit?

When I put an outfit together, I go by what or how I am feeling honestly. If I’m tired, I wear something comfy/practical. If I feel edgier, I throw on my leather jacket. That’s the fun part of fashion really: You can go by how you are feeling or what you are doing!


How did I get into the makeup industry?

I have a terrible addiction to YouTube videos. I watch endless amounts of makeup tutorials and product reviews. But I also used to work for MAC Cosmetics. I loved it there, and it’s truly where I was taught everything. They were a wonderful company to work for. I love to always try new products just so I can tell people about them, good and bad. Makeup is about trying knew things to find what’s best for you, so if I can help people with that then I am happy!


What advice can I give to people who want to start a blog?

Be true to who YOU are!!!!!!! I feel like I can’t emphasize this enough. Don’t follow the crowd, and create your own ideas and work. Someone once told me, don’t be a “me too”, and it’s true.


What is my ultimate vision for FOTC?

I want this to be a place where women can feel inspired, uplifted & confident! Of course I have a love for material things, thats fashion, but I truly want women to know they are THEIR OWN KIND OF BEAUTIFUL! We are always unique, we are all different, and I want women to embrace that about each other more. & love themselves for WHO THEY ARE. If I can inspire just one person, I am so happy!



Jessica Ray