Friday September 30, 2016

Breakthrough After Breakthrough- Fleur of the City



Inner Beauty Talk Day. This month was one of the hardest months, but also one of the greatest. It’s surprising that ONE month can be filled with so many changes, good and bad. As some of you know in the beginning of the month I went through another heartbreak {dating is so damn hard am I right?}. This one was different, much harder, I felt like I lost a limb…like it was just torn from me. I wrote a piece on this whole experience, but honestly, I haven’t been ready to share it, something is holding me back. I think it’s the fact that I am still healing, still learning lessons, and having breakthroughs on this….and new doors opening.

Although my heart is broken, I am not broken….it didn’t break me. Whether it’s hardships or heart break, you have to understand that when you push past that struggle and that pain, that is when you become STRONGER …. and more doors open. I allowed myself to feel that pain, to wallow, be hurt, cry, eat, drink, sleep, but then I had to accept that this is what it is, and that new & better things are coming because I am strong. AND THAT’S WHAT HAPPENED!  I had 3 major exciting moments throughout the rest of the month….Things that I don’t know where they will take me yet, but huge moments that I am so proud of.

I share this with you guys because I want you to know, that through hardships or heart break, you are not alone. You are strong! You are so strong, and that this pain or moment is temporary. This door closed because whether it’s not the right time or not meant to be, there is another door you are supposed to take. Accept this path! Take it! Embrace it. And enjoy YOUR journey because it’s YOURS. Because you are not broken.

au revoir,

Jessica Ray

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