Wednesday August 31, 2016

Inner Beauty Wednesday- Fleur of the City



Today on FOTC I want to share to share that there aren’t always good days, there are bad days too. And thats okay. I recently shared this on my Instagram, because I want more of us to open up and talk about what makes us feel better on those bad days. What helps you get through those tough times?

As someone who gets anxiety, those bad days can be hard to handle. So I wanted to share that not only are you not alone if you do too, but also a couple things that help me personally.

1. Driving. For some reason driving with the windows down and music playing, relaxes me

2. Going to the gym. As cheesy as it might sound, the gym has gotten me through a lot. It lets me zone out, and focus 100% on myself. It builds my physical and mental strength.

3. Girls night. Whether it’s with my mom or my girlfriends, a girls night helps ease my mind and get a lot of laughs in.

4. Podcasts/ audiobooks. I don’t talk a lot about my faith because it’s personal to me, but whether your religious or not, motivational podcasts and books keep me pushing and driving forward.

I hope these help! Become the strong, confident person you were always meant to be, even on those bad days! You’ve got this!

au revoir,

Jessica Ray

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