Friday August 26, 2016

Current Skincare Routine With SkinFix- Fleur of the City



1. Foaming Oil Cleanser

This takes off alllllll my makeup at the end of the day, without leaving my skin dried out. It actually leaves my skin feeling plump and hydrated!

2. Hydrating Lotion

This is a great lotion for day or night, I wouldn’t say its super hydrating for a night time cream, but thats what step 3 is for!

3. Moisture Boost Serum

SUPER HYDRATING! Anytime my skin feels like its getting dry, or even patchy, I throw this bad boy on after applying my lotion!

4. Brightening Eye Cream

I apply this in the morning only, super gentle under the eye and helps give the appearance of a better nights sleep!

I would say my top two favorites are the Moisture Boost Serum and the Brightening Eye Cream. All of these products definitely helped keep my skin hydrated and refreshed throughout the summer time. I would recommend this product if you have dry skin, but not problematic. Also, I have normal to oily skin, and I love giving my skin that extra hydration, because at age 26 I am all about it to prevent wrinkles. Have you tried this brand? Did you like it?

Thank you so much SkinFix for letting me try out your products!

au revoir,

Jessica Ray

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