Tuesday July 12, 2016

Inner- Beauty Inspo

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The other day I realized I didn’t share something with you that I share on my Instagram…awhile ago I decided that I wanted to turn an extremely hard year into ways of inspiring and motivating my readers. Last year I struggled with health, confidence, weight gain, heartbreak, career changes, and so much more. I wanted to take my darkest days and share how I got through them, so a few months ago I started sharing some of my own messages and favorite quotes on my Instagram. I want to bring out on my path of finding your inner beauty. Each and every one of you are beautiful in your own way. I want you to all know how special you are, and that what you have to offer is precious. So here are some quotes that I have recently shared, if you click on each one it will take you to the message I shared with it on Instagram. Yesterday I was traveling home from Toronto and then immediately left to take a road trip to see bae. I will be leaving again on Friday for my next trip as well, so make sure you follow me on {SnapChat: fleurofthecity}

au revoir,

Jessica Ray

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