Wednesday December 02, 2015

Holiday Giveaway with The Waterfront PGH



Hey Guys! I am SUPER excited to finally tell you I am collaborating with The Waterfront again!!! They are so kind to allow me to giveaway $250 in gift cards for you to spend at all your favorite shops and/or restaurants! Of course, this contest is limited to local people who live in the area….so I figured I’d treat all my locals to an awesome opportunity! All the details of what you have to do is included in the poster! Hurry & enter!

On another note, I am excited for my next health update post, so stay tuned because I have had some dramatic steps in this journey of mine. I am super happy with whats to come! If you have any requests or questions, be sure to Snap, Insta, Tweet, or comment below to me!

au revoir,

Jessica Ray


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