Monday October 03, 2016







Happy Monday! Here are a few looks to inspire you for fall….these were some of last year’s fall looks. It rained alllllll weekend long, so it was the perfect weekend to stay in, wrapped up in blankets, watching movies. Those are my favorite kinds of weekends since I love binge watching tv lol. So needless to say, there were very many blog pictures taken. Have a wonderful week ahead! Be sure to follow me on SnapChat to see more of my daily life {fleurofthecity}.

au revoir,

Jessica Ray


Friday September 30, 2016

Breakthrough After Breakthrough- Fleur of the City



Inner Beauty Talk Day. This month was one of the hardest months, but also one of the greatest. It’s surprising that ONE month can be filled with so many changes, good and bad. As some of you know in the beginning of the month I went through another heartbreak {dating is so damn hard am I right?}. This one was different, much harder, I felt like I lost a limb…like it was just torn from me. I wrote a piece on this whole experience, but honestly, I haven’t been ready to share it, something is holding me back. I think it’s the fact that I am still healing, still learning lessons, and having breakthroughs on this….and new doors opening.

Although my heart is broken, I am not broken….it didn’t break me. Whether it’s hardships or heart break, you have to understand that when you push past that struggle and that pain, that is when you become STRONGER …. and more doors open. I allowed myself to feel that pain, to wallow, be hurt, cry, eat, drink, sleep, but then I had to accept that this is what it is, and that new & better things are coming because I am strong. AND THAT’S WHAT HAPPENED!  I had 3 major exciting moments throughout the rest of the month….Things that I don’t know where they will take me yet, but huge moments that I am so proud of.

I share this with you guys because I want you to know, that through hardships or heart break, you are not alone. You are strong! You are so strong, and that this pain or moment is temporary. This door closed because whether it’s not the right time or not meant to be, there is another door you are supposed to take. Accept this path! Take it! Embrace it. And enjoy YOUR journey because it’s YOURS. Because you are not broken.

au revoir,

Jessica Ray

Wednesday September 28, 2016

Denim On Denim- Fleur of the City






bodysuit: ASOS, similar here, here 

denim: american eagle

jacket: nordstrom, similar here

shoes: hinge

bag: valentino

sunglasses: prada

How do you wear two different types of denim in one outfit? My easy trick is this: if it’s a dark denim on top, wear a light bottom. If it’s a light denim on top, wear a dark denim on the bottom. BOOM! Done.

Today I also wanted to mix things up & share 10 random facts about me, because a lot of you are new and may not know a lot about me besides my style. So here we go:

1. I went to college at Chatham University for a Bachelor of Arts.

2. I used to be a collegiate swimmer during my time I went to school in Ohio.  

3. Favorite movie is Dazed & Confused, because I love cars (I love going to cars show in the summer), & the 70′s. Favorite chick flick though is Sabrina (the old one with Audrey Hepburn & the newer one). 

4. I am a huggggggggggge dog lover &I have three dogs. 

5. My favorite tv show is Gilmore Girls. Yes, I am counting down the days to its premiere on Netflix.  

6. Pizza is life and always a go-to cheat meal. 

7. FALL is my favorite season. 

8. I work for American Eagle Headquarters and pursuing my real estate license.  

9. I am an introvert/extrovert. (I don’t like large crowds, but I am super outgoing in small groups). 

10. If I was stranded on an island & could only have one makeup item, it would be lipstick. 

I hope you enjoyed these 10 random facts about me. Thanks for stopping by today!

au revoir,

Jessica Ray

Monday September 26, 2016

I’M JACKET OBSESSED- Fleur of the City










Look 1:

jacket: c/0

jeans: american eagle

top: alexander wang

sunglasses: marc jacobs

boots: Coach, similar here

Look 2:

jacket: c/o

pants: h&m

top: h&m

lipstick: “rebel” mac cosmetics

heels: valentino

If you know me well, you know jackets are my thing. Earlier this year I simplified my wardrobe with basics such as jeans, tee shirts and dresses. This honestly makes getting ready so much faster, but how I really amp up my outfit is with jackets {shoes too}. A jacket can change up an entire look, add to it, and make it fierce. It’s also a necessity living here in Pittsburgh because you honestly never know what the weather is going to be. When Dezzal reached out to me, I became OBSESSED with their jackets immediately, they are honestly stunning and have such a huge selection! I have been looking everywhere for a nude leather jacket…so when I saw this moto jacket on their site, I added it to my shopping bag so fast. The camo jacket is my personal favorite though, I don’t own anything like it and the detailing is just eye catching. It’s such a bold statement to my simple jeans and t-shirt look! Be sure to check out their jackets, I honestly looked at them for about two hours because there are soooo many & are such stunners!

This weekend was such a great weekend….My Mom & I got to play with our brand new camera {on snapchat I said it was my new baby boy lol}. I used to shoot with a Nikon, but we wanted to try something new & we went with a Canon. So far I love it! We also did a little shopping since it was triple points at Nordstrom…I went ahead & ordered a new pair of shoes {I also posted this on SnapChat so be sure to follow me! If you missed it, I am SURE they will be worn asap}. I also had some family it town, which was soooo nice, my aunt and cousin are such a fun time & always cracking me up. This weekend was refreshing and I felt like I was finally getting back to my groove….I’ll be sharing more later but in the meantime, tell me what you did this weekend?!

Thanks for stopping by!

au revoir,

Jessica Ray

Friday September 09, 2016

#50Styles50States With Old Navy- Fleur of the City









 Boyfriend Flannel Shirt 

Relaxed Varsity Tee

Black Denim Jacket

Today I am so incredibly excited to share that I am partnering with Old Navy and for their #50Styles50States campaign! I have lived in Pittsburgh, PA for 26 years, and so much of this city has been an inspiration to me. It’s one of the reasons I incorporated “of the city” into my blog name {Fleur of the City} I wanted to share a bit of Pittsburgh through my style. 

This “Steel City” is filled with so much culture & history but it has also grown into a city of technology. It’s Cultural District brings many artists, broadway plays, and chefs. Many movies have been filmed in Pittsburgh too because of all of the beautiful architecture. Hanging out in the heart of downtown is one of my favorite areas since there is so much to do, see and taste.
My personal style is simple, yet has a hint of edge to it, similar to PGH. I’m inspired by it’s industrial vibes, yet a little bold from its art & culture. This is why I love Old Navy, not only do they have simple pieces, but they also provide pieces that I can add a little pop of edge to my outfit, just like my city. I also love that they provide clothing for women of all shapes & sizes. You can find exactly what you need for whatever inspires you!
Feeling inspired? Be sure to check out the #50Styles50States website on to see other amazing bloggers from their hometowns. Be sure to go check out my profile as well and submit YOUR own inspired look using #50Styles50States and #OldNavy.
Thanks for stopping by!
au revoir,
Jessica Ray
*Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Old Navy. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Wednesday September 07, 2016

Black Bodycon Dress-Fleur of the City





dress: h&m

jacket: free people

shoes: ego official (not currently in stock)

sunglasses: prada

Happy Hump Day! This weekend was so relaxing and enjoyable and now we have a nice short week, I love it. My weekend consisted of going to the movies, relaxing with family at home, a little shopping, and hanging out with my boyfriend as well as my friends. I went and saw the movie Bad Mom’s, omggg it was hilarious and I would totally see it again.

This look I love to wear when its chilly fall air starts to kick in….I throw on this summer body con dress, but then I stay warm when its get to the evening time with this cozy free people jacket. Check out a couple links above for similar options!

Thanks for stopping by!

au revoir,

Jessica Ray

Friday September 02, 2016

FRIDAY VIBES- Fleur of the City

Processed with VSCO with a7 preset

Processed with VSCO with a7 preset


Today’s Friday outfit vibes. My day is pact with a two meetings, working on a fun collab, errands, hitting the gym and then headed out to dinner for some fun! It’s honestly a great way to start the weekend, I love being busy! It also feels good to be back to a regular blog schedule.

What are you up to this weekend?!

au revoir,

Jessica Ray

Wednesday August 31, 2016

Inner Beauty Wednesday- Fleur of the City



Today on FOTC I want to share to share that there aren’t always good days, there are bad days too. And thats okay. I recently shared this on my Instagram, because I want more of us to open up and talk about what makes us feel better on those bad days. What helps you get through those tough times?

As someone who gets anxiety, those bad days can be hard to handle. So I wanted to share that not only are you not alone if you do too, but also a couple things that help me personally.

1. Driving. For some reason driving with the windows down and music playing, relaxes me

2. Going to the gym. As cheesy as it might sound, the gym has gotten me through a lot. It lets me zone out, and focus 100% on myself. It builds my physical and mental strength.

3. Girls night. Whether it’s with my mom or my girlfriends, a girls night helps ease my mind and get a lot of laughs in.

4. Podcasts/ audiobooks. I don’t talk a lot about my faith because it’s personal to me, but whether your religious or not, motivational podcasts and books keep me pushing and driving forward.

I hope these help! Become the strong, confident person you were always meant to be, even on those bad days! You’ve got this!

au revoir,

Jessica Ray

Monday August 29, 2016








tee: Madelyn Rose Boutique 

jacket: Nordstrom

denim: Nordstrom

heels: Valentino, super similar here!

bag: Valentino

sunglasses: Rayban

Starting Monday off right with an all new outfit post! I recently got this tee from the cutest little boutique in Bedford, {Bae got it for me as a gift}! This tee is soooo soft, and the saying basically suits me because I can’t do anything in the morning before having coffee. I haven’t rocked a graphic tee on the blog in awhile, and we all know that it’s one of my go-to’s, so in honor of fall weather, we will start busting out the teeshirts and jeans!

I hope you all have a fabulous week! Thanks for stopping by! See you Wednesday!

au revoir,

Jessica Ray

Friday August 26, 2016

Current Skincare Routine With SkinFix- Fleur of the City



1. Foaming Oil Cleanser

This takes off alllllll my makeup at the end of the day, without leaving my skin dried out. It actually leaves my skin feeling plump and hydrated!

2. Hydrating Lotion

This is a great lotion for day or night, I wouldn’t say its super hydrating for a night time cream, but thats what step 3 is for!

3. Moisture Boost Serum

SUPER HYDRATING! Anytime my skin feels like its getting dry, or even patchy, I throw this bad boy on after applying my lotion!

4. Brightening Eye Cream

I apply this in the morning only, super gentle under the eye and helps give the appearance of a better nights sleep!

I would say my top two favorites are the Moisture Boost Serum and the Brightening Eye Cream. All of these products definitely helped keep my skin hydrated and refreshed throughout the summer time. I would recommend this product if you have dry skin, but not problematic. Also, I have normal to oily skin, and I love giving my skin that extra hydration, because at age 26 I am all about it to prevent wrinkles. Have you tried this brand? Did you like it?

Thank you so much SkinFix for letting me try out your products!

au revoir,

Jessica Ray